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Huzzah! Another POWERZONE playlist for you to enjoy/endure! This time we’ve gone with some of our favourite songs to DRINK too! Pick yer’ poison, get this on shuffle and enjoy a little tipple. Perfect for parties or to help you through a long day at work, our Drinkin’ playlist is the first one where we ..
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You don’t need to tell us- we already know- Pirate metal isn’t TRULY a genre. So when we do a Pirate metal playlist, we mean a Pirate THEMED playlist- there are lots of metal genres represented in this playlist, so it’s actually a really good mix. So stick yer eyepatch on, grab yersel’ some grog ..
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Hooray! It’s another Powerzone playlist for you to enjoy! This time we’re focussing on Folk / Viking metal, we’ve picked a wide variety of tunes from plenty of different bands from across the world. Click HERE to open in a fresh link or use the spotify player below!