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A lot of hard work goes into producing a successful Powerzone show, so as you can tell, we put very little effort into each one. Just kidding, of course, we spend many hours listening to and picking all the best metal tracks from across the globe. We’ve partnered with some huge record labels, including Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, Napalm Records, SPV, Century Media and other so we get albums for review and release first, which means often we can premier huge new singles before other mainstream stations. We also get invited to a huge number of gigs and offers of interviews, which often we don’t have enough time to attend. If you live in the UK and Ireland, and you fancy some of this, leave us a message on our Facebook page and we’ll discuss.

Back in 2012, the Gentleman Of Metal was flicking back and forward between radio stations, trying to find something new to enjoy. Fed up with the Emo/Screamo/Core nonsense that was around at the time, GoM really enjoyed Power and Folk metal instead, but couldn’t find a radio station that fulfilled his needs. One day, stumbling upon a local radio show that played metal, GoM heard a vaguely power metal song, and hearing the DJ’s crying out for requests, he sent one in. To his surprise, the track was played. GoM listened to the show for many weeks, befriending the host of ‘The Metalheadz’ show who was Pete Bailey, now of Primordial radio fame.

After a while, Pete decided to step down as a presenter as he had an upcoming job at Nuclear Blast down in London. The position was up for grabs, and as much as the GoM wanted it, he couldn’t spare the time to put into running the show as his wife, known as the Lady of Metal, was about to have their child. So the position was instead picked up by local students, Tom & Claire. GoM continued to listen to the show, but still thinking that the world needed more Power and Folk metal, he asked to join them in the studio to take over part of their show and play some of the tunes he liked. They agreed, and a 15-minute slot per week was dedicated to the weird and wonderful. This eventually led to approaching the radio station for his own 2-hour slot which immediately followed The Metalheadz, and was appropriately titled ‘The Metalheadz: Extended Play’.

Within a year, Tom and Claire had both gone to university, and they were replaced by Dan, but the show didn’t last more than a few more months. Being called ‘Extended Play’ didn’t really make much sense without the preceding show, and with the GoM increasingly playing far different tunes from The Metalheadz anyway, it was decided that the show would go through an image change and became POWERZONE instead.

In 2015 Powerzone became associates of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show and was hosted on their website to reach a larger audience than just local radio. Still going strong after 200+ shows, Powerzone is a labour of love and is constantly striving to improve itself, joining forces with regional promoters and engaging with fans from across the world. Powerzone was approached by Australian presenter Todd Wills during 2016 who had heard the show through The Wyrd Ways Rock Show and wanted to make it part of a long-running Australian show, so each week a recording of the live show is made and played out by Todd on Australian station 2NVR. In 2018 Powerzone has partnered with North East Wales Metal Promotions to be part of the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses (M2TM) shows, the GoM was invited to attend the local shows and makes up part of the judging panel.

Things are always on the up for Powerzone, why not join us and become part of it?

Radio is dying. Mainstream ‘pop’ music is choking the life from it, with its glamour, greed and “celebrity”. it’s bleeps and farts. Its commissioning panels are hard at work picking the next ‘hit’ for the unthinking majority in a self-fulfilling cycle of sh*te. Thankfully, there are some radio stations that have the foresight and the open-mindedness to address this situation, by allowing more METAL on the air! Calon FM is one, and they bring you this show..and now, even more stations are seeing the light across the globe, and Australia’s 2NVR is the latest station to host POWERZONE as part of Todd Wills’ Friday Rock Show.
We bring the BRUTAL to you weekly on the following stations:
[UK] Calon FM 105FM Monday 9pm-11pm
[NSW Australia] 2NVR 105.9FM 8pm-10pm
A quick history of Powerzone:

In early 2013, The Gentleman of Metal had a dream; to bring the best metal in the world into one show. Backed by Calon FM, ‘The Metalheadz: Extended Play’ was born After 50 successful shows, we decided to freshen up the format, and changed the name and stylings to POWERZONE! With help from his ‘talkative’ co-host Joe, and occasional guest hosts, POWERZONE strives to continue the good work and give you more diverse metal from the world over: whether new singles or classic tracks, Folk, Power, Battle, Thrash, Death, Doom & Black Metal are all belted out at high volume for your delectation.
These sort of genres aren’t generally on mainstream radio here in the UK, so you can enjoy them right here on POWERZONE instead. Tune into Calon FM at 9pm (UK time) weekly, and make your Monday nights BRUTAL!
And now, Australia gets to enjoy the show too, because POWERZONE is played out on 2NVR every Friday night as part of the awesome Friday Night Rock Show with Todd Wills.