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POWERZONE Presents: Essential Black Metal

Powerzone presents: Essential Black Metal Click the link above to open the link in Spotify! This playlist features 20 songs, including tunes from: Burzum Akercocke Tsjuder Darkthrone Dimmu Borgir Immortal Naglfar Marduk Emperor Satyricon Mayhem Gehenna Carach Angren Cradle Of Filth Chthonic Dark Funeral Ninnghiziddha Sathamel Taake Minas Morgul

POWERZONE! Show #218

Really enjoyed this week’s show, and we hope it shows. Sad about being unable to go to Bloodstock, we created a belter of a playlist for you all to enjoy, including new tunes from Primal Fear, Pellek, Nothgard, Dol Ammad & Erdling plus a whole load of power and folk metal for you to bang ..
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POWERZONE! Show #217

Another fine show in the bag! This week we introduce the mighty CALLUS, we have new tunes from the likes of Mayan, Korpiklaani, Verikalpa, Micheal Romeo, Amorphis, Crematory, Hulkoff and Nils Patrik Johansson. If that’s not enough for you, we announce the 2nd finalist for Metal Kombat, discuss Týr shenanigans and a whole lot more. Come ..
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POWERZONE! Show #216

What a show! This week we had bags of pace and energy, a gig review, trainers talk (or is that ‘kicks’ or ‘treads’?) power metal, folk metal, black metal and everything in between. We even had a lovely anecdote about being chatted up in a bar- now theres something you don’t hear everyday (from us, ..
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